PASS - Electronic Care Planning System


The PASSsystem is used by care workers, care supervisors, care managers and care directors of homecare to help us deliver person-centred care. The online digital care management platform provides our care workers and managers full access via an app, to view care records, assessments, tasks and updates real time. This reduces the need to print paperwork and offers a secure and digital method of delivering home care. 

The PASSsystem eliminates time-consuming paperwork, and dramatically reduces the risk of medicines mismanagement through real-time delivery and analysis of digital care records, keeping your loved ones safe and well. 



OpenPASS is the sister product to PASS which works alongside our main system. This is a mobile and web application that allows our service users families and nominated individuals, along with Health and Social Care Professionals to view care records on the go, electronically.  

Features include:

- The option to view real time care notes once a carer has completed a call. This allows you to check the quality and care being delivered is sufficient. 

- The ability to view visits, outcomes an tasks as well as details of the person centred plan we have created. 

- The ability to view the scheduled care booked in for your loved one. 

You can view more information about OpenPass and its features via the below link: 


You can also find instructions on how to access OpenPass by downloading the documents below, or by speaking to one of the team on 0151 638 4500.

OpenPass Guidance

Quick Access to Care Notes on openPASS in the Customers Home (pdf)


How to Access openPASS Anytime Anywhere (pdf)


Learn more about OpenPass here...