We Can Tailor Our Services To Meet Your Needs


We offer a variety of care services which can be tailor made to suit the individual. Appointment times vary from 30 minutes to one hour, right the way through to 24 hour live in care. This can be paid for privately, or may funded via the Local Authority.  As a contracted provider for both Wirral Borough Council, Wirral CCG and the City of Edinburgh Council, Professional Carers are providers of a number of services which include Domiciliary Home Care, Supported Living, Short Term Assessment and Reablement [also known as STAR] and Specialist End of Life Care.

Some of of the tasks our carers are able to complete include:

Meal preparation - Our staff are available to assist with meal preparations from breakfast right through to an evening meal. Even if it's just making tea and toast for breakfast or preparing a microwave meal, our staff will be happy to help whilst maintaining your independence. Many of our service users enjoy cooking their own meals but just require supervision to ensure their safety. All of our carers are trained in food hygiene and whatever your meal and dietary requirements are, Professional Carers are happy to help you.

Personal care - Many of us take for granted being able to get up in the morning and jump in the shower, but some people may require assistance with the basic morning routine. Our carers are highly trained in assisting with showering, bathing and general personal care. Whether you need help washing yourself or just supervising to ensure your safety, our staff can be there to help. Common tasks that our staff assist with daily are washing, dressing, grooming, toileting needs, help with incontinence and much more. 

Medication prompt - Many people have medication to take and remembering to take them isn't easy for anyone. Our highly trained carers can visit at specific times throughout the day to prompt you to take your medication and ensure the right dosage is taken. A full record of your medication is kept in your personal file and the carers will log and sign in your file to confirm you have taken your medication. This offers reassurance to both yourself, and your next of kin.

Domestic help - For most people a clean and tidy home is a necessity in life. Our staff can help you with housework that you cannot cope with on your own. Tasks such as hoovering, cleaning, changing your bed, emptying the bins and basic tidying can be carried out by our experienced carers. A care plan will be set up to your specific needs to ensure our staff carry out all tasks required as everybody's home is different.

Ensuring safety throughout the day - Many of our service users require assistance to get out of bed in the morning, getting down the stairs and toilet transfers. Maybe you need help getting into bed at night. Whatever your needs a Professional Carers manager will visit you in your own home to discuss what basic transfers you are struggling with and will agree on a tailor made package to enable you to carry on living at home safely.

Shopping - Going to the shops to get food and drinks can be difficult when managing heavy bags, so our carers are on hand to help. They can take you to the shops with them or go for you, whichever you feel most comfortable with. You can give the carer a shopping list and they will collect the shopping for you and bring it back and put it away for you.

Escorting to appointments - Many of our service users rely upon us to enable them to attend their GP/hospital appointments safely. Our carers can go with you to your appointments to ensure your safety to and from your visit. Whether it's a regular appointment or a one off, many service users rely on the assistance of our carers - particularly if family members live far away or have work commitments at the same time.

Outings - A lot of our service users rely on our carers to get out of the house for fresh air. Even just going to the local park or down onto the prom alone can be an impossible task for some people, but with our carers assistance they can enjoy a few hours a week doing whatever they like. A regular carer will be paired with a service user to ensure trust when going out.

Sitting services - Some service users are unable to go out and prefer a friendly face to come and sit with them for a few hours for company. Again, the carer will be regularly attending the service user to ensure trust and a good companionship between the two. This service is also used by full-time carers who want a few hours to themselves to go out but they cannot leave the service user alone. Whatever your situation Professional Carers are sure to provide a well-suited member of care staff to visit you in your own home.

Dementia care - Professional Carers have many years of experience in training staff in specialist dementia care and providing care to people suffering with dementia. We also employ outside training specialists who further train our staff in dementia care. 

Night sitting - Often our service users require a carer to sit with them throughout the night to ensure their safety, for example when using the commode during the night. Some people require night time supervision permanently whereas others use our night sitting services as and when required, such as if they are feeling particularly unwell or if their full time carer is away on holiday. Whatever your situation, we can discuss this matter with you further in person. Night sitting services can be a wake or sleep night, meaning the carer will sleep and be on hand for emergencies or can stay awake and be on duty throughout the night.

Live in 24 hour care - Our 24-hour live in care service is available to those in need of support and reassurance throughout the day and night. This provides peace of mind knowing that loved ones are being monitored and professionally cared for by skilled and dedicated staff. Contact us today to discuss your needs.